Vintage Craftsman Single Bit Axe – Restored


Vintage Craftsman splitting head has been completely restored, refinished, and is razor sharp. Head shows normal signs of use and is in great condition. Clean, deep stamp on front of head – no breaks, repairs, or chips.

New hickory handle has been hand sanded and treated with multiple coats of boiled linseed oil. Clean seal all the way around top and bottom of eye and sticks out from head approximately 1/8” and has a straight grain pattern.

Comes packaged in a wooded box that is hand built and custom-fitted to the axe – also comes protected in a full-length cotton sleeve.

Why you need to buy this axe right now:
• Put it back into service
• Add to your axe collection
• Display it in your home or business
• Complete your camping inventory
• Gear-up your bushcraft arsenal
• Prepare for the zombie apocalypse

Item Specifications:
• Total axe weight – 5 pounds 11 oz.
• Total length of handle – 35 1/2”
• Poll to edge – 7 3/4”
• Cutting edge – 4 5/8”

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